What We Do

We make investments that enable business owners and management teams to pursue their objectives. We are most helpful to business owners hoping to achieve a full or partial exit, businesses looking to establish or ensure industry leadership by expanding their capabilities, offerings or geographic reach (organically or by acquisition), and management teams that would like to establish or increase their ownership in a business.

We provide certainty, fairness, flexibility, and confidentiality to business owners considering a transaction. After a transaction, our philosophy is to align our interests with management to support the existing culture and the continued growth of the business.

  • Certainty

    Our principles are sound - our methods, proven - our capital, solid. Our Partners have led or participated in 35 investments and collectively have over 70 years of experience investing in, advising, and running closely held businesses. Business owners appreciate the certainty that comes from working with Owner Resource Group because they know that successful transactions occur at the intersection of strong principles and deep experience.

  • Fairness

    We pay fair prices. But more importantly, we treat all of our partners fairly and transparently, because we want you to feel good about having worked with us. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you are being fairly rewarded for all those years of hard work, and in knowing that we will work collaboratively to complete a transaction.

  • Flexibility

    We appreciate that every business is unique, so we adjust our approach to your company's situation - not the other way around. We are flexible and creative in order to provide a superior outcome that works for you and your business. This is the comfort of knowing we will tailor a transaction to meet your needs.

  • Confidentiality

    We understand the importance of confidentiality to owners of private companies. We exercise discretion and work efficiently to minimize rumors and disruption and ensure superior outcomes. Our commitment to confidentiality and to working with you to keep a transaction quiet reduces your risk in pursuing a transaction.