Over the years, we’ve invested in organizations of many shapes and sizes. However, to ensure we bring the most value and expertise to our Partner Companies, we focus exclusively on businesses with these characteristics:

Industries: Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services

Size: EBITDA greater than $5 million

Motivations: Businesses in transition or looking for a growth partner; Owners hoping to achieve a full or partial exit; Management teams hoping to establish or increase their ownership in a business.

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When you’ve put your heart and soul into your company, a transition can be very stressful. So when you decide the time is right, we work directly with you to complete a transaction as efficiently and with as much discretion as possible. Guided by your unique objectives, together we will structure a partnership and develop a long-term strategy to ensure a superior outcome for you and your business.

A transaction is just the beginning

Once completed, our interests stay aligned with existing management to fully support the company’s culture and values while accelerating the growth of the business in a disciplined manner. We’ll collaboratively develop and execute a strategic plan and contribute our corporate finance expertise to best position your company for continued growth. And because we proactively build and maintain relationships with hundreds of businesses, ORG is uniquely capable of providing you an introduction to your next customer, supplier or strategic acquisition.

By working together to support growth, diversify the company and reduce risk, we’ll enhance your company’s long-term value and support the culture that made it successful. No one knows your business and industry better than the people running the company, so we make them our partners in every investment. Simply put, our goal is for everyone to share in the financial results of our collaborative success.

We provide much more than capital

Last but not least, we believe that the best use of the cash flows of a business is to fund growth. To that end, we seek to ensure that our Partner Companies can support their growth objectives, and therefore will not overburden them with debt. We invest in people, product lines, facilities and acquisitions to make our Partner Companies stronger – both during and after their involvement with us.

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