Richardson Molding


Investment in Onboarding a Significant New Customer

Major Acquisition

Created Largest Company in Industry Battery Jar Sector


Executives and Manager With Ownership Opportunity

Founder Wanted Strong Stewards For The Business Moving Forward


Richardson Molding is a leading manufacturer of proprietary and custom injection molded products primarily serving the industrial lead acid battery market. Roger Winslow, a pioneer in the industrial led acid battery industry, had decided to sell the business. He wanted to make sure that he sold to a group that he trusted to be strong stewards to the business going forward. Roger also felt strongly that the Company needed to be operated by an experienced industry executive.


In turn, ORG partnered with a recognized industry executive to acquire the Company in 2017 and execute a growth strategy. ORG structured the transaction to provide significant ownership to the new management team.

Key Initiatives


Provided significant ownership to key management


Assisted the company in developing new financing relationships


Evaluated potential strategic relationships


Invested in the company’s sales force to expand new customer opportunities


Merged with a significant competitor with complementary product offerings

ORG Involvement

After the transaction, the Company invested in certain manufacturing lines to increase its efficiency as well as targeting new customers to drive additional growth. In 2019, the Company merged with Tulip Molded Plastics Corporation to create Tulip Richardson Manufacturing (TRM). The combination created the largest vertically integrated company in the industrial battery jar industry.

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