Ready to Grow Faster with a Trusted Partner That Works for You?

Owner Resource Group is a collaborative private equity partner helping owners and businesses achieve their goals

Investing In Your Growth

Targeted strategy focused on long-term, durable growth.

Preserving Your Legacy

Respect for your past and support for your future.

Maximizing Your Upside

Collaboration to create financial gain for executives and business owners.

A Partner for Your Company’s Continued Success

We’re more than just capital, and you’re more than an investment.

We proactively build direct, personal, long-term relationships with business owners and executives like you, so that when you are ready for a capital partner, you already have one that you trust – that you know shares your values.

Culture Matters Most

What does that mean for you? It means we’ll work to earn your trust, collaborate to maintain it, and endeavor to build something durable together so that your legacy outlasts our investment.

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Aligned Efforts. Durable Results.

We’re here for you. We only invest in businesses where we can make a positive impact and only when you, our partner, are fully on board. What would our partnership look like?

  • Collaborative Efforts
  • Trust In Each Other
  • A Focus on Culture
  • Shared Vision
  • As Much Support as You Want

See how our approach is built around your unique business 

US Med-Equip

A Successful Partnership Based on Shared Vision and Values.

USME was looking for a partner to help them grow. We listened so that we could understand their challenges and opportunities before tackling them, together.

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Why Our Partners Want to Work With Us

When a business reaches the point that a capital partner would be appropriate and accretive, we are a good fit if you’re looking for:

  • A trusted partner with interest aligned with yours.
  • A collaborator that will bring experience and resources to maximize your upside by investing in growth.
  • An ally in the effort to preserve your culture and ensure your legacy outlasts our investment.
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Get More Than Capital. Get a Collaborator

We want to work with you to help your company grow.

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