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USME rents movable medical equipment, primarily to hospitals. The owners of USME had successfully grown the Company into a strong regional player in the industry. As a result of that growth, every dollar generated by the business was being reinvested by the owners and they were having difficulty continuing to finance its growth. They began to look for a partner that shared a similar vision to let them ‘take some chips off the table’ and, most importantly, support the growth of the business.


ORG partnered with USME in 2017 and developed a plan with them to establish a national footprint, both by opening new locations and acquiring companies in strategic areas. ORG and its affiliates led a controlling investment in the Company. The founders continued to own a significant stake and we established a management ownership pool that extended to an additional 24 individuals.

ORG Involvement

ORG and management led an aggressive strategy to grow the business nationally. The Company opened new 20 locations throughout the country and spent over $100 million on new rental equipment. The Company also completed two acquisitions in the Northeast to accelerate its entry into that market. In order to support this growth, the Company expanded its management team and hired a new CFO and CTO while adding over 200 new employees. The Company also invested heavily in technology to entrench itself as a leading service provider in the industry. During ORG’s ownership, the Company expanded to cover over 80% of the US population with their services.

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